Used to the old FleetAdvise? Don't worry! Our app is safe and sound.


What FleetAdvise can offer you:

FleetAdvise is a simple digital platform for your fleet maintenance management. Keep track of all of your vehicle’s maintenance, approve all services and payments online, and select from our nationwide network of 25,000+ shops all at a lower cost to you just for being a FleetAdvise member.


We have the negotiating power to offer our members lower prices. You’ll save 10% to 40% on all services backed by our Price Guarantee.


FleetAdvise gives you complete control over what services shops are approved to do and knowing the price upfront. ​


FleetAdvise is a single fleet maintenance management platform, everything you need is built into our platform.


We know time is money, so no more back and forth phone calls with the shop because all processes are conducted online through the FleetAdvise platform.​


FleetAdvise stores maintenance history and reminders for each vehicle in your fleet, and you have the ability to search, sort and download that data from your Dashboard.


FleetAdvise consultants are available to help you with anything you may need. It’s like having an assistant just for vehicle maintenance.

How It Works

Uploading Your Fleet

FleetAdvise allows you to add vehicles to your fleet individually or upload your whole fleet at once!


FleetAdvise Dashboard

Your fleet dashboard is a one-stop-shop for all of your fleet management needs. On your dashboard screen you can see:

  • All fleet vehicles.
  • Vehicles that are due or past due for preventative services.
  • Current shop orders and orders that are awaiting your approval
  • Vehicle mileage.
  • Past vehicle services & costs by month.

Booking An Appointment

Step 1

Enter a vehicle's information.

Step 2

Select the service(s) you’re looking for.

Step 3

Select a shop from your list of favorites or any shop from our network of over 40 name brands and 25,000 shop locations.

Step 4

When the car is at the shop your Fleet’s manager/administrator has control over shop approvals.

Don't have time to book an appointment? No problem!

Walk-ins are welcomed at all of our shops. Present your fleet membership card and you will receive your discounts. All information of the service performed will be saved to your FleetAdvise Dashboard automatically.

Common Questions

What is a Fleet?

A Fleet is any number of vehicles managed by a group or company. With FleetAdvise powered by CarAdvise we bundle all of our customers into one large fleet to create the largest consumer fleet in North America. By working with FleetAdvise, you’ve got our buying power of 100,000’s of vehicles as your buying power.

What is "Fleet Pricing"?

As a Fleet Management Company, we can leverage the number of vehicles we have to lower the price on services through bulk discounting. Because FleetAdvise powered by CarAdvise can deliver a certain amount of business to shops, they are willing to negotiate lower prices on oil changes, brakes, tires, really any car repair. Now you can enjoy our discounts too, all you have to do is join!

Maintenance Reminders & History With FleetAdvise Reporting

‘Past Due’

FleetAdvise shows manufacturer recommended maintenance for each vehicle and keeps track of vehicles that are past due for recommended upkeep.


Reporting allows you to see every transaction ever made through FleetAdvise including the service that was done, the cost, the date, and vehicle.

Data Reports

Reporting allows you to see every transaction ever made through FleetAdvise including the service that was done, the cost, the date, and vehicle.

Upfront & Discounted Prices

  • FleetAdvise Members can potentially save on up to even 40% on all vehicle maintenance with our Price Guarantee.
  • We can promise you that the price you see online is the price you’ll pay with our Vow of Transparency.
  • You will only be charged for the services you approve online.